Summer Savings

Perfect Plan Pricing, a plan for every need and every budget.

Individual Promotion
Partial Payment

Initial Assessment Fee:

Initial Assessment
Assessment + Sessions
Group 3 Promotion
Group 3 Hourly


Small Grp Test Prep
Group4 Cohort Test Prep
Grp 3 Test Prep
Individual Test Prep


Elementary Special: $18/session = $145


Group 3: $30/hr

Group 3 Promotion


 Group 2: $40/hr 

Group 2 Promotion


One on One Tutoring: $33 per session.  

Individual Promotion

Half hour packages are also available.

Online Promotion

In HomeTutoring - Master Service:

In Home Tutoring - Master Service


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Summer time SAVINGS!!!



Special Summer rates are offerred Monday - Thursday between Noon - 3:30.  Prices as low as $15 for a 30 minute Session!!

These are small group sessions.  Eight 30 minute sessions for the price of $120.  Four 30 minute sessions for $80.  Limited availability.  Call for specific information. 


Soon we'll be offering many exceptional programs including tutoring, ACT/SAT Test Prep, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Football Training.  

We're here to assist you in your pursuit of excellence in life and academics.  

We firmly believe that America's success lies entrenched in the ability of today's youth to enhance their leadership skills and make innovative, pragmatic decisions.  A sound understanding of mathematical and scientific principles will serve as the foundation of our future success as a nation. We understand that shaping a solid future requires more than mere academic success.   

We are proud to be your partner in academic and life propulsion!!