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Headquartered in Atlanta with a satellite office in St. Marys, GA, Advanced Proficient Learning provides exceptional Tutoring, Test Prep, Training and Business Consulting services to clients locally and across the US via our online platform.  We are the proven experts in knowledge acquisition and transfer, which results in rapid gains for our clients.  For students, this means increased test scores and higher grades in the classroom.  For businesses, this means providing pragmatic information that is actionable to drive increased profitability. In the Tutoring and Test Prep arena, our firm specializes in all things Math and Science, from K-College, including Milestone (End of Year Assessment), SAT and ACT test prep.  In the business arena we have expertise that can assist solo practitioners, non-profits and small to medium sized businesses.  This expertise includes Strategic Planning, New Product/New Venture Launch, Marketing Strategy, Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy as well as Innovation/Change Management.  If you’re a musician, songwriter, engineer, or Music Enterprise owner, we will equip you with the knowledge and infrastructure to generate awareness and profits in a tumultuous music environment where it is currently difficult to garner the attention of Major Labels and/or Loyal fans. We bring first our passion for people and the pursuit of excellence to every individual that we encounter.  We are your partners in the propulsion of your life and business goals.

Our Master Tutors have been tutoring for over a decade and in the case of our Principals, have more than twenty years tutoring/teaching/mentoring/coaching with students from varied backgrounds, ethnicities and educational readiness.  We have consistently outperformed our competition.  We offer exceptional tutoring and test prep services at a bargain price when you consider that our results speak for themselves. We take pride in teaching problem solving techniques that students can use in their current classes, but also offer strategies that will assist them throughout their educational journey.  

Our Business consulting/training team has extensive experience across diverse industries such as telecommunications, aviation, music and sports entertainment, non-profit management, transportation, engineering, education, retail and beyond.  During the years, we've worked with dozens of small, medium and large enterprises including:  NCR, Sony Music Group, Arista Records, Capitol records, Delta Air Lines, Air Tran Air Lines, Fulton County Economic Development Corporation, Clayton County Library System, MARTA, Dycom Industries, Goodwill Enterprises, Community Christian School, Radcliffe Presbyterian Church, Chapel of Christian Love and more.

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Areas of Practice


The world of music is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about sound trends. With the consistent introduction of varying revenue streams and distribution channels, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the complexity. That’s where we come in.  We have expertise in Marketing, Publishing (copyrights and intellectual property), Label and production company startup, Artist Management and development and beyond.

Supply chain & logistics

Your operations and utilization of resources can be a source of competitive advantage for your business.  We assist companies in identifying the correct mix of sourcing strategies, inventory control and in managing the supply chain so as to decrease costs and increase profitability.  We ensure that internal systems are supported by well aligned processes.  We seek to find approaches to standardization of products to reduce complexity when needed, but also to maximize customer offerings.

Tutoring & test prep

We are the proven experts in Math and Science Tutoring.  We offer these high value services in your choice of individual, groups of two or groups of three, depending on your students' needs and your household budget.  We take pride in being flexible so as to accommodate these different needs.  For Tutoring, we offer services in 30 minute, 40 minute and 60 minute sessions.  Our SAT and ACT test prep services are offered in one to two hour increments depending upon class schedule.


Every organization must choose a position that they will occupy within the marketplace.  We assist with the analysis of markets to ensure that their position is in congruence with their resources and internal capabilities. We then ensure that the businesses' different activities align with and amplify each other. The startup and small business marketplace is a fierce frontier that requiresongoing measurement and revision of assumptions to sense and respond to changes within this challenging environment.  Our firm gives you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurship/new product launch

The launch of a new business or product requires first vision, but also the skills necessary to formulate a viable strategic position, to utilize necessary tactics, design measurable goals and then adjust as needed.  It is always a challenging adventure.  We are here to provide support in all of these arenas including Marketing as well as the development of financials (balance sheet, income statement, forecasting).  We specialize in the development of necessary infrastructure that will maximize and amplify efforts without becoming bogged down in the minutia of over analysis.

innovation & management of change

The one constant in business is that change is ever present.  How do we become disruptors within our industry?  How can we grow or stabilize our business within an industry ripe with change?  We assist managers and CEO's with strategies for dealing with people during this tumultuous environment.  This includes revisiting the culture of the company and how that culture is contributing or could be contributing to the growth of the business.  How can we organically grow a creative culture within our organization where employees are empowered to be decision makers and risk takers? The best organizations understand that their people drive their profits.  It is vitally necessary to invest in these people in order to reach the desired level of sustainable profitability.


Improving Mankind and the Space in which he resides...”
— Dale Myers


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